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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The blow was devastating, creating an explosion. On a radius of a couple of miles, the blast destroyed everything in its path.
The panel shows Vishnu that is staying on the same branch, with Aphrodite behind him. They are both unharmed. With his right hand, Vishnu stoped the fire, and with his left hand he projected a light energy shield over Aphrodite.
Aphrodite with eyes widen by the shock thinks:!? The power...of an Archangel!?! And he managed to do it in an instant! This's thicker than the one that Gabriel can do it! Also...the flames of a dragon are one of the few things that can harm us for real! And he just deflected five blasts! Five! With his bare hand!!! Just...who is he?!?
Vishnu: Are you ok Aphrodite?
Aphrodite: Yeah i'm fine!
Vishnu: Good. It means that i can finally take care of these guys.
Aphrodite: Vishnu wait! You managed to save us! Let's run! Let's save our lives!
Vishnu: Save our lives? Aphrodite, we won't die. I will simply eliminate every single one of them.
Aphrodite screams: You don't understand! Even an Archangel has trouble killing a dragon! And you want to fight five of them?!?
Vishnu scratches his head: Well...yeah, that's the plan! Now...stay behind that shield. I will be back in a couple of seconds!
Aphrodite cries one more time: NOO!! DON'T BE HASTY!!!WAIT!!!
But it's already to late for her screams to reach Vishnu. The young man turned with his back at her. He lost his smile. Only determination and seriosity it's on his face. Vishnu takes out the sword at his back. The hilt it's simple, yellow, with a medium guard shaped as a lightning, and the blade it's completely white.
Aphrodite thinking: What the?!? What's with that sword?!?
Vishnu: Dragons...i don't know if you understand me...but if you better tell your goodbyes.*
A dragon's voice ( a thunder like voice) Petty Angel! How dare you to mock us?!?
Vishnu: Oh, so you speak. Good. Then let me tell you a single thing. I will kill all of you. Instantly. I just wanted to ask you, how do you prefer? Fast? Or slowly?
The dragons roar, ragged by Vishnu's statement. Instantly they all release countless fireballs at him, but the angel simply deflects them all with his bare hand. The dragons are shocked to see this and Vishnu smiles.
Vishnu: My turn...Light release element! Blade creation!
Slowly the white blade gets enveloped in light. Vishnu takes a look at it and grins.
Vishnu: Here i come...
The only thing seen is a white flash. In an instant Vishnu vanished from his initial positin and he reappeard immediatly back. Aphrodite with a shocked look, stares at him, unable to comprehend what happend.
Aphrodite: What happend?!? It seemed that for a second you vanished.
Vishnu: I did. I killed them.
Aphrodite: Impossible!
Vishnu: Look behind me.*
She takes a look and spots a disturbing sight. Five dragon heads are resting on the ground. The slash that decapitated them it's precise. Vishnu deactivates his light blade, and places his sword behind his back.
Aphrodite: Who...what are you...?
Vishnu smiles: The question is not who am i right now. The question is who i will became.
Aphrodite: And who will you became?
Vishnu with determination: The Seventh Seraphim!

The end.

I know that it's a short chapter compared to my latest ones...but first i want to hear an opinion about it. Before, you know, i start writing like a maniac. Again...
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