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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Ok, so I'm practically fully moved, but only 50% unpacked, not to mention that have to move a full sofa and loveseat up a flight of stairs by myself (overjoyed.... this sucks)... but I had to squeeze this out of my head to be able to think straight. This is the teaser for my new story, which I will probably put on a blog... when I create one.

I have seen three generations of the horsemen, including my reign as Conquest. The world’s governments became corrupt, and when only a handful of governments are willing to make a stand, we must take action. Someone has to do the job that no one else wants to do. Someone has to make sure that certain evils are terminated.

The Horsemen were born during WWI. As I’ve stated, there have been three generations of the horsemen thus far, and soon, we will have our fourth and final horseman. It all ends with him, one way or another. I, well I am Conquest. My immediate successor, who took over after I was stricken to a wheel chair after my accident at Normandy, is War. Don’t let the history books fool you. Hitler didn’t die of suicide. War made sure of that. War’s reign as the Horseman was sufficient, with many major conflicts going unnoticed throughout the world. Once War realized his time as the Horseman was up, we then found Famine. Famine has had arguably the toughest job so far, what with today’s social media and technology. It is harder for him to keep our operations under wraps. Not to mention, he is aging as well. But alas, as stated, we believe we have found a promising candidate for Death. There’s only one problem though. He’s pursuing Famine, believing him to be a perpetrator of the heinous crimes that we are fighting against. But soon… soon his eyes and heart will be open to the truth. Let’s just pray that neither he nor Famine kill one another until we can show him the truth….
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