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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

As always, you asked the right questions. And as always, i cannot spoil anything. And, exactly, it's a prequel. But don't think that you won't see some of the old characters interfering. This story will show how Vishnu rose to power, his road towards the highest rank: The Seventh Seraphim. Also, it will present the POV of several other characters like Livontes, Lucifer or Yama. The story will be filled with dialogues between Sasuke and the Creator, and only the final chapter will reveal why is Sasuke there to kill him. Anyway, this fanfic won't be so big as the previous ones. I cannot aproximate right now,but it will be definately a bit shorter. Expect as always many twists. After this story, the real motives behind Lucifer's rebellion will be revealed, the process that Vishnu went through in order to became the leader of the Celest City, how the City was build, the name of the Beyonders, Cain's ( Faust ) betrayal and many others.
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