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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!


It has been 6 months....

We see Kakashi and Sasuke walking through an unfamiliar *forest.*

A few feet ahead is Hinata. The twi leaders of team Hinata-Sauske ate dressed in Anbu garb with their respected Clan symbols on the front right. No masks.

Kakashi is not wearing his Kage robe or hat.

Sasuke, "Hokage- Sama , why are you not wearing your robe and hat? I have been meaning to ask you."

Kakashi, "well i kinda see it as a large target when on missions like this. Going to a place where There are reports of *violence against Ninja leaders, i would rather not make it any easier for them."

Hinata, " twenty miles in front and both sides of us, seems to be thirty-six string chakras coming in!"

Sasuke, " summoning jutsu!"

Two falcons appear.

Sasuke, " you know what to do."

Falcons both nod and fly off.

Kakashi jumps back and flips into a tree, "we have company, move it!"

Just as Hinata an Sauske jump a huge squad of attackers emerge from the ground.

Sasuke, {he felt them moving, how could i have been so carless. I need to take this mire serious!} "how many?!"

Hinata landing beside Sasuke in the middle of the attackers, "twenty, all with strong chakra and the other squads are coming in really fast!"

Kakashi, " need some help?"

Sasuke, " we have his under control, Sensei!"

All the attackers are huge muscular mean with long hair of various colors. They are wearing brown pants and *lack tank top like shirts with no clan symbols visible.

Sasuke, " what are you waiting for?"

Hinata, " the others, they know we are strong and wish to over whelm us! At the rate the rest are traveling they should be here in a few moments!"

Sauske, " then lets start without them, (EMS activates) fite style ring of fire jutsu!"

A ring of fire surrounds them and puts the attackers at bay.

Attacker 1: "stupid ninja, kill them all!"

He runs through the flame heading right for *Sasuke.

Sasuke smiles, "secret jutsu: connection torture!"

As they make eye contact the leader falls in agony, as he does he grabs the nearest allu and they do they sane until i is 8 attackers creaming in pain.

Hinata takes a step towards the flames and FTG to he outside of them facing the rest of the attackers.

They all reach to there sides and pull out a short metal rod.

Hinata, {what is this, i see strange charka circulation in those *rods?}

They all suddenly change into different weapons , such as ball and chain, long bo staff, nunchuku and clubs.

Hinata is being rushed, {Naruto would thing that was cool. I think i will handle this like he would.} "Shadow clone jutsu!"

Ahe has two small modifies Uzumaki seals on either shoulder, thy both pulsate as the jutsu is activated.*

There are Hinata clones fir each attacker, they use gentle fist on the enemy then they all in unison.

All attackers are down.

The ground starts rumbling as all te squads arrive on the scene, most of them are in long trench like open , black coats. The rest have grey. They are wearing black pants white shirts. There are men and women. They have on black military hats or grey to coincide with the trench coats.*

They all have blonde hair with black streaks. On all their hips are long metal rods. Some on the right, some in the *left.*

There is one person for each huge squad that is wearing a red trench and red hat there rod is strapped to their backs.

Kakashi jumos down, " you to feel that?"

They both nod their heads.

Hinata, " ever single one of them has high chakra levels."

Sasuke, " those ones in the red have Chakra like Naruto."

Red one, "i am Amy, legion Officer.*

Red two, "i am Sam, legion Officer.

Red three, "I am Jason, Legion officer. We are all three Majors, it is our code to inform the enemy of the power they face so have a chance to surrender. *The legion officers behind is are Captains, the all command troops of their own."

Amy, "dammit in other words any of them can kick your puny ninja asses! So really just lay down and die! "

Hinata, "Sasuke."

Sasuke, " on it."

He points one finger at rhe ar right squad and the other at the far left squad.

Sam (far right), "its rude to point!"

Jason on the far left is silent.

Suddenly the two falcons cone swooping in they both open their beaks letting out a ground moving screech.

It causes an up hevel of rubble knocking the squads up and back.

Amy whose squad was not targeted, " so be it."

They begin to charge.

As he other squads get their barring they begin to charge as well.

Voices in unison, "multi shadow. Lone justu "

Suddenly Leo, Quantoz and Quantez clones appear and begin charging the legion squads.*

Leo and the twins appear right beside the Hokage and their Sensei.

Leo, " *summoning jutsu!"

A pack of three huge lions appear, he jumps atop one then they all head into the battle.

Quantiz, "sis you ready?"

Quantez, "yeah, bring them out!"*

He reaches into his over size back pack and pulls out two small dogs that have seals on their backs

They are two mini versions of great danes.

Sasuke, " watch this Sensei Hokage"

Quantez, "release!"

Thet suddenly change into huge versions of great great danes but thicker and more muscle.

Just as Any is reaching the tree veteran shinobi and the rookies are entering the battle.

A wide beam of light strikes the field everyone is shocked and a bit blinded until it stops. In it's place is two figures.

One is Ronin Uzu and the other is a tall slim yet muscular woman dressed in shirt blue Jacket with black pants and a blue beret with a golden *eagle on the pin on the front.*

All the legion stop and take a knee.

Ronin, "ninja i come with word of Naruto."

Woman, "ninja, I am Colonel Renee' we are not your enemies today. Legion, you are dismissed."

She holds up a scepter and light takes all the legion away.

As the rookies cancel their jutsu.

Leo, " disappointing."

Q twins in unison, "awww"

Kakashi, " are you 'RH' ?"

Colonol Renee', " it stands fir Renee' Hatake."

Kakashi is shocked.

Ronin, "come let's go all questions will be answered."

Scene change.*

We see Team Naruto standing at a cliff ready to fight.

Rakia, " ready?"

Eiyuu nods his head.

Hiroshi, " i'm the next Hokage after Sensei, I'm ready for anything!"

The voice of the Samurai Team leader, Sasha *Uzu, " then you'll love this!"

A huge Dragon emerges from the canyon with Sasha on its head between the horns.

Hiroshi, "shit."

Next: "enter the Shogun."
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