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Re: Magi 121

Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post

Sinbad is being painted as super pragmatic. It could be that his empire is more than just that, the land itself could hold some importance that we aren't aware of and needs defending. He charmed the princess into not having the will to go to war, and Aladdin is picking up on his actions.
I did have a feeling that Aladdin has picked up on Sinbad actions, perhaps his empire is related to Solomon somehow ? As I said a few chapters back I couldnt help but notice a similarity between Sinbad and Solomon, perhaps a descendant or something like that.

I really cant tell whats going to happen with Alibaba just yet, for character progression I really want him to develop his Djinn Equip more, so I think the best thing to do would be for him to go with the Kou Empire Prince, as hes going to be starting his training soon to get his Djinn Equip, and I think he will be learning from his Sister that hes going to see.

I dont want him to go with Aladdin mainly cause the place he is going to is some kind of Hogwarts to learn magic, I would be okay if he went with Mor though.
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