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Re: IS the music industry really Satanic?

/\ at least im being honest

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
Suck a big one, pussy. When you stop acting like an attention craving 14 year old girl on the rag I'll show you some respect.
the funny thing mibu is that at least u survived a car accident, my uncle was not so lucky my cousin's survived but one of them had a f**ked up shoulder, so he couldn't do shit, he couldn't joined the army like he wanted too... and it didn't really matter because he got murdered around 10-12 yrs later ... i'm being modest about ur situation and the best thing u could tell me is "suck a big one, p*ssy" smh x3 ... and the mess up thing as well even though u callin' me a retard and all sorts of names at least i never made fun of ur disabled eye since i came back to this forum., and i knew about this two yrs ago when u told me... at least i ain't came up with jokes about it when u was insulting me since the other day... so before u speak about respect learn about respect, because im not the one tail gating ur post in every section in this forum, from what i see ur lookin for attention from me... ur just lookin 4 me to stoop 2 ur level and curse at u as well, but im better than that...

I'll toss your baby with an explosive seal tag on it!!!

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