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Re: IS the music industry really Satanic?

Originally Posted by gringie View Post
nah! im actually a ******, i have a family, a beautiful wife, an adorable son, adorable step kids, live in the ***** floor, on my balcony i have a beautiful view of Manhattan, have a job i could go in whenever time i feel like goin in, great friends that's always their for me, a family that will bend over backwards for me when i need a favor, a beautiful mother who taught me laughter is medicine and good for others as well, a blu-ray collection that's f'ing sick,etc,etc,etc.... the only thing is that i need a car but besides that everything else is all good... the only reason i'm around is because i'm on a marijuana withdraw... if i go outside i might end up gettin a bag and smoke it outside at the park watchin' mature lady's passin me by in pom-pom shorts and enjoy the high... but i need to cut down, so since friday i've been in this site tryin to bugg out with people, because he traffic on this site is great to do that on

edit- a beautiful chubby wife
I have that, a thin wife and a car. Check. Mate.

Also, if satan exists, he'd totally be down with the music industry and everything in it, so yes, the music industry is demonic and why god sucks ass.
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