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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Chapter two: Conflict in Heavens.

The scene shows Sasuke and the Creator.

The Creator: That's why...before we end have to help him.*
Sasuke: Are you sure that it won't change anything? I like the world how it is now.
The Creator: In order for the world to develop to this point you have to do this.*
Sasuke: I understand...then...i guess that i have no choice!

The panel it's switched. It shows Livontes and Quintrix dashing.

Livontes: What do you think, Quintrix? What will it be Father's new creation?
Quintrix: I don't know. But i'm certain of one thing...we will have to protect it!
Suddenly a giant dragon lands in front of them.
Livontes jumps back and starts gathering his energy. At the same moment, Quintrix jumps and releases a purple beam and lands a hit on the dragon. The beast remains unscathed * * and shots a stream of fire towards them. Quintrix just landed, and he is in a position where he cannot evade the flames. Instantly Livontes appears in front of him.
Livontes: Angelic shield!
Livontes creates a dense white sphere around them, that protects the duo from the attack.
Quintrix uses the momentum to gather lots of energies in his right hand. He quickly dashes away from the sphere and towards the dragon. As he is getting closer and closed, the energy concentrates around his fist. Quintrix jumps and slams a powerful punch into the dragon's head, throwing the creature several meters away. The dragon remains still.
Livontes: You killed him?
Quintrix: I wish. I don't have that power. Only an Archangel can kill a dragon. I just knocked him out.
Livontes: Good job.
Quintrix: You too...if you didn't have used that shield of yours, i would be dead right now.
Livontes: Well, what are friends for?*
Quintrix: Friends? You already consider us friends?
Livontes: Well, why not?

The scene it's switched. It shows Vishnu and Aphrodite resting. Aphrodite is looking constantly at him.

Vishnu: What is it?
Aphrodite: I cannot belive that you killed five dragons so easily. Why do you hide your power?!? You could easily became in a short time an Archangel with your power!
Vishnu: I have no desire to became an Archangel.*
Aphrodite: Why not?
Vishnu: I do not wish to rule. I have only one see our Father. And the only way to do that is to became a Seraphim.*
Aphrodite: But it's just a legend.
Vishnu: Lucifer assured me that it's real. The Seventh Seraphim exists. And i will became one.*
Aphrodite: Well...good luck with that.*
Vishnu: What about you?
Aphrodite: What about me?
Vishnu: Tell me more about you.
Aphrodite: Why? You should tell me first more about you. You're the one with the crazy dreams.
Vishnu laughs: I admit that it's a bit crazy...well...about elemental powers are focused around lightnings and wind...i can access the light release...and Lucifer is trying to teach me to do something with my eyes.
Aphrodite: But what i don't understand, it's how can you own such powers...
Vishnu: Well you asked the right question. I don't know either...Lucifer thinks that it has something to do with the...
Suddenly he stops talking and gets very fast up.
Aphrodite: What is it?
Vishnu: Something ain't right...i feel that someone is watching us...that someone is coming for us...this place is not safe! Let's go!
He grabs Aphrodite by her hand and they dash quickly deeper into the forest.
Soon they stop and rest near a tree.
Aphrodite: Can i ask you a question?
Vishnu: Sure.
Aphrodite: It kinda personal.
Vishnu laughs: I don't mind.
Aphrodite: What...what do you think...what do you think of me?
Vishnu remains silent for a moment. Just now he noticed that Aphrodite*has long blonde curly hair, blue eyes and a perfect body and face. She represents the beauty with pride
Vishnu: You're beautiful. And kind. And beautiful.
Aphrodite blushes. The panel shows her as she slowly approaches Vishnu. They are both very close now.
Suddenly a voice is heard.
Livontes: I leave you alone for a couple of hours and you already get the girl!
Vishnu: Livontes.*
Livontes: Well? Did you encountered anything? We fought a dragon and Quintrix managed to knock him out! We barely escaped that bastard!
Vishnu: Are you alone?
Livontes: Yeah, Quintrix went searching for the others.
Vishnu: I fought five.
Livontes: Five what?*
Vishnu: Dragons.*
Livontes: And?
Vishnu: Dead. I killed them all.
Livontes looks at Vishnu, then he looks at Aphrodite and then he spots Vishnu's uncovered hand.
Livontes: Stupid idiot! Put the seal back this moment! Before the *others sense your power levels! Dammit! You must be really in love with this girl if you took the seal off to save her!
Vishnu: Shut up Livontes! *Anyway, why are you here?!?
Livontes: Yama called us. It's time to leave. It seems that the Creator is content with our work here. Of course that Yama eliminated most of the threats. And it's time.
Vishnu: What do you mean?
Livontes: It seems that the new Creation will rise.
Aphrodite: The new creation?!?
Livontes: Yeah...let's go!
They leave the forest, but just as they were about to depart Vishnu senses again the same malicious presence as he did before. But he doesn't turn around and he walks away.
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