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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The scene it's switched. It shows Vishnu chained and brought in the middle of angels. Next to him is Lucifer. The Archangel wields a light sword. Every angel is there. Aphrodite is seen crying. But Livontes is absent.

Michael: Any last words, traitor?
Vishnu: The truth will prevail. I am not the one who commited treason. But my master. He revealed this to me. I'm just the one that takes the fall.*
Michael: Lies! Even now, when you are about to die you are lying!
Vishnu: I'm not afraid of death Michael. Because i'm honest.*
Suddenly in the middle of the group Livontes lands. He tries to free Vishnu but almost instantly Michael pierces his shoulder with a light sword.*
Michael: Trying to save you friend, eh? You're lucky that i didn't behead you dog!
Livontes is kept on the ground by Michael's sword.
Livontes: Vishnu...i'm sorry...
Vishnu smiles: Don't worry my friend. As i said the truth will prevail.
Unknown voice: Indeed. You have spoken the truth Vishnu. The truth will finally prevail. Trust me. I know better.
Everyone turns around and looks at the man that just landed before them. He is quite tall, with dark hair and eyes. He wears a black costume and has a sword at his back. But the most striking thing about him are his eyes. Filled with anger and determination.
Michael: Who are you?!?
Unknown man: My name is not important. What's important it's that you are trying to frame Vishnu. And he is a dear friend of mine. I will not allow you to kill him.
Vishnu thinking: A dear friend?!? I don't even know this guy!
Unknown man: Now, Archangels...shall we?
Instantly Raphael appears in front of the man and tries to slash him with a light sword. The newcomer simply blocks the blade with his bare hand. He smiles.
Unknown: Light release cannot hurt me, Raphael.*
The man charges electrical surges in his right hand and hits the Archangel right in the chest throwing him away. Michael looks shocked at the scene.
Michael: Who are you?!?
Unknown: I told you that names aren't important right now. You will know me soon enough.
Instantly the man appears next to Vishnu's cage. He takes out his sword and simply takes out the cage holding him. Vishnu falls to the ground and looks at the newcomer. The man simply lands near him and goes back to back with the angel.*
Vishnu: Who are you?
Unknown: I will tell you after i save your ass.
Vishnu: I don't need to be saved! I'm innocent!
Unknown: Tell that to Michael!
Suddenly the air gets thicker as Michael starts gathering his energies.
Vishnu: Shit! Michael is preparing to kill us!
The man smiles as he waites for Michael's assault. Vishnu slowly starts taking off his cloth from the right hand, preparing to unseal his powers. But the man catches his hand.
Unknown: Not now idiot. Do not release your power with so many people around us. Let me deal with them!
Vishnu: But Michael...!?!
Unknown: Don't worry...i can take out all the Archangels. But i won't do it. I will just assure our escape.
Michael: I don't know who you are...i don't even care...but i will kill you!
Instantly Michael appears right in front of the young man, wielding a powerful light blade and aiming it at the man's throat. The young man simply smiles and stops Michael's blade with his own. In the next second, Michael receives from the left side a powerful kick that throws him away. The man uses the momentum and grabs Vishnu. In an instant they both vanished in a burst of black flames!

The panel shows the Earth. Somewhere in the woods there is a burst of black flames. Two people emerge from it. Vishnu and the young man.

The man lands on his feet but Vishnu falls on the ground. He quickly gets up and looks at the young man.
Vishnu: Who are you? What's the meaning of this?!? Why did you saved me!?! Where are we?!?
Young man: One question at a time. We are on Earth.
Vishnu shocked: On Earth!?! But Why?
Young man: Because this is the only place where i can hide you from the angels for a couple of days.
Vishnu: Why i was accused?
Young man: Because you were Lucifer's student. That's why.*
Vishnu: That's not a reasonable explanation.
Young man: This is the only one that you will receive for now.
Vishnu slowly walks away from the man and slowly starts taking off his cloth. The young man is standing with his back at Vishnu.
Vishnu: And why did you saved me?
Young man: Because i need you. I think that you are aware of the prophecy that was made centuries ago by the old man.
Vishnu: Old man?
Young man: The Creator.
Vishnu scandalized: You call Father, old man?!?!
Young man: Yeah i do. Anyway, are you aware of the prophecy? That one of you, one of the angels will decide the fate of the world?
Vishnu: I'm aware.
Young man: Well, you will be that man. You will lead the humanity in a new era.
Vishnu laughs: Humanity? Currently there are only two people living. I will lead two people?
Young man: No. Around six billions.*
Vishnu shocked: Six billions of people?!?
Young man: Exactly.*
Vishnu: But how do you know all of this stuff?!? Clearly you're not an Angel!*
Vishnu managed to release the cloth on his hand and he prepares to strike the unknown man. Instantly he appears next to him and just when he was about to give a clear shot, the young man turns and catches the angel's hand.
Young man: You still don't trust me. Don't worry. I will not hurt you. As a matter of fact the old man sent me here.*
Vishnu: But why?
Young man: To save your ass that's why. The events in the future cannot take place if i would not have comed here.
Vishnu suddenly gets serious.
Vishnu: You seem to know everything about me.*
Young man: It's natural. We know eachother for at least 2000 years.
Vishnu: What are you?
Young man: Just a mere human being.
Vishnu:'s more...Death lingers around you,
Young man smiles: You're right. My name is Kazer. And i am much more powerful than any of your angels.

The end.

Next chapter: The Archangel order.
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