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Re: Kakashi's Year

Originally Posted by saiyaman View Post
So after being pwned by being off paneled on the "Rampage" stuff, what else has Kakashi got to show us that it is his year? I think that Kakashi's deductions on Tobi's powers, even if they are impressive, it's part of what the man was before. These things come naturally to him as he's intelligent. What else is left to signify a year as his when more than 8 months have passed?

Please leave out Obito out of this. I can see people making out the fact that Tobi=Obito and that is enough for this being Kakashi's year but let's discuss something better shall we?

I think that Kakashi should probably be the one to fight and defeat Tobi while Naruto holds off the Gedo Mazo and maybe Madara if he comes along with Gai and Bee. An epic fight here could probably give Kakashi what he is due.
That whole thing was before he got the "hurry up and end it" order form his editor.

I wonder..

If let's say he didn't hurry it up, but instead kept telling the story and showing every fight in the war the correct way,especially the "Kakashi Rampage". Then right when we got to Naruto coming out the cave(cause in my opinion right about NOW is when we should have been seeing Naruto again!) they canned him.

Could he then go to another company with Naruto(or self publish) and continue OR does it become property of Shonen once they start publishing it?
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