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Re: Kakashi's Year

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
Off topic, but As much as tobi being obito is absolutely ridiculous considering what Obtio was capable of a year before and being pancaked as well... when compared to What Tobi not even year later did against the kyuubi, Minato and the leaf village...

Still, I could still see kishi having Obito turn out to be Tobi... Tobi showed up for the first time almost a year after obito was killed (supposedly)... So the time line works even though Obito growing to a full size adult, gaining two feet in less then a year is just stupid... Kishi could easily ass pull that the use of hashirama's cells to heal Obito as well as increase his size, aging him faster or something...

Its just that Obito being a Hero who lives on through kakashi's right eye after saving kakashi and Rin... Would have all that shit on by being Tobi... Although Obito losing his memory after he got pancaked, then saved by madara or zetsu, healed by hashirama's cells then training by Madara thus awakening the MS...

ALthough I could see Orochimaru or danzou saving obito too... infusing him with hashirama's cells, training him and instilling in him the philosophies of Root... Which is why he lives by no identity...

I see how tobi being someone else, but using obito's other eye could make this a big deal for kakashi too though...
Cool story,bro.
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