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Re: Naruto_599

Kishi hadn't revealed the EMS pattern of Tobi. We had only seen his 3 tomoe.
If Tobi possessed an EMS, he would have no need for the 3 tomoe.
Madara's EMS pattern was only limited in flashbacks, not through Tobi himself.
Tobi hadn't revealed his left Sharingan, the same eye that Obito gave away.
Instead, he keeps it covered much like Kakashi does.
However, he did appear to keep his 3 tomoe active a lot, like only a Uchiha could do.
Tobi's Teleportation Jutsu clearly mirrored Kakashi/Obito's Kamui, another MS tech.
If the tech belonged to Madara, Harshirama wouldn't have been able to defeat him.
Why else would Madara wait so long to enact his revenge?
Kabuto: "You go by Madara these days, don't you."
Kishi: "The 'Magician's' Assistant, Zetsu"
Kishi: The Man Who Calls Himself Madara
Tobi inhabiting the body of a Zetsu clone.
Constantly invoking Madara's name like the Boogeyman.
The complete inability to fight worth a damn without using his dimensional transfer.

What the fuck did you people expect? Personally, I'm just glad Kishi ignored the bitching and stuck to his guns in revealing Tobi to be Obito.
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