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Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
I personally think Obitos fused with both Madara and Zetsu. The Ex Edo Madara dosen't seemingly know a lot about Zetsu, he hasn't called or tried to interact with him once, dosen't seem to even know of Sasuke, Itachi either, just some Super Power thats been asleep since before Nagato had the Rinnengan with J-Man training them.
You're forgetting Hashirama too. How was Obito trained to become a great shinobi? Well 2 things apply here 1. Madara must of used Tsukyomi on Obito to train him and 2. He probably saw Kakashi making out with Rin and that fueled his hatred.

But apparently this guy suffered some head trauma (like Goku from DB) thus calling himself the "Nobody". He can remember Madara's past so probably Madara cells taken over. We'll have to see.
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