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Re: Naruto_599

Originally Posted by Myth View Post
trained how??? whos to say madara was even alive,
Says Madara:

Originally Posted by Myth View Post
dude growth sprut isn't something u can use to explain his growth in a year
Dennis Rodman grew from 5'9" to 6'7" within a single year. A similar thing happened to David Robinson.

Originally Posted by Myth View Post
or his skill level from being nothing to being able to fight with minato granted he was owned in 1 move to be able to do what he did makes no fucking sense even for a manga.
It makes plenty of sense. 90% of what Obito was able to do against Minato was MS related. Warping ability? MS. Kurama control? MS. Improved base speed? All him.

MS isn't centered on skill, but emotion. It's like a more emo version of Super Saiyan and Obito despite being a "crybaby ninja" had remarkable eyes as his awakened into a two-tomoe state instead of a single like Sasuke. And eyes are the source of the Uchiha's power.

Originally Posted by Myth View Post
of course we can argue that him being able to fight on par is simply cause his mks is so fucking haxxed it makes susanno look fucking useless, but still he's able to hold his own.
It's not that hard to hold your own with that kind of hax. "I can hit you, but you can't hit me" is kind of a fucking problem for anyone.
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