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Re: Naruto_599

Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
The Ex Edo Madara dosen't seemingly know a lot about Zetsu, he hasn't called or tried to interact with him once, dosen't seem to even know of Sasuke, Itachi either, just some Super Power thats been asleep since before Nagato had the Rinnengan with J-Man training them.
Why would he know about stuff that happened while he was dead? Madara's too busy fighting to contact Zetsu. Or else he'd have contacted Obito to complain about that Edo bullshit. Look at how much contact Obito's had with Zetsu since the fighting began.

Originally Posted by Myth View Post
no it wasn't a trsnformation jutsu when ur hit it disperses we've seen it happen countless times.
Obito doesn't have a human body. It's from Zetsu. Besides, there's exceptions to such things. Just look at Shadow Clones. Usually, one hit and poof. But then there was DatClone, who defeated Mu, the Third Raikage, and fended off Madara until all 5 Kages could arrive. That dude was a G.
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