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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Catilena1890: You have been banned for the following reason:
For being a furry in OH
Date the ban will be lifted: 08-30-2012, 12:00 PM

Momokinz: bahahaha

Catilena1890: Because having a Fursona totally makes you a Furry.

Sularis19: Cat, usually having a fursona DOES mean your a furry..Just sayin

Sularis19: USUALLY

Catilena1890: There are many other factors to consider for a true furry, if nothing else I`m a parody of one XD

Sularis19: Like me, I'm a full on furry. I just dont fursuit

Truth be told, I was kinda forced into it like, 3 years ago because my friend, who draws furry art, wanted to draw something for me in return for helping her get commissions. After awhile I settled on a purple cat/fox hybrid to make her happy. She drew it and I`ve used it as an icon/mascot ever since.

And Mibs, you misunderstand. I`m not trying to get anyone into trouble. I don't WANT anyone to get infractions over this, though mine was funny. I probably misunderstood you because you said "There's a section in Outer Heaven we all go to, and that's why no one hangs out as much in the chat thread. You can ask an admin to let you in." I told an admin that you invited me to the secret section you told me everyone hangs out at, and after a little skepticism, he was okay with it and let me in. I did not appreciate the fact that everyone was talking about me behind my back *and anyone who went to high school knows that talking behind someone's back is dirty and underhanded, and you guys are better than that*

I`m just trying to start over with everyone because, let's face it, at 16, I was a fucking naive idiot who had no business being behind a computer, and deserved every one of the insults hurled at me, yes even bal's *though I wasn't able to understand a few of them, I`m guessing he was just distracted or sleep-deprived at those times*.

I came back for two reasons, one of which I PM'd to Mibs.

1. I had a small sliver of hope that you guys changed at least a little to hear what I had to say BEFORE you made fun of me. I even adopted the constant cussing and abuse you guys frequently dealt me and each other, though I kept the grammar. I wholeheartedly admit I am proud of my grammar, even if it is occasionally off-kilter.

2. I respect you guys and am grateful to you. When I joined NL, the only experience I had with the internet was Neopets. I had never been trolled before, let alone to the extent you guys took it. I was mad at first, and held a grudge against you for it, but if you guys hadn't done all of that to me, I wouldn't be what I am today. Other sites would have babied me around and tried to ween me off the shelter I had grown so used to having, and you guys gave it to me straight. Because of that, I`m a successful admin at some of my own sites *not SS or anime dragons, those died long ago*, I have real friends who care for me, and I can fit into just about any site I care to go to.

Your move. And don't ban me again, at least not yet. I would actually like to see what your comebacks are to this. If you want to, I`ll take a ban after I see what everyone has to say.

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