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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

NL is an informal place yes, but that doesn't mean I have completely adopted it's* typing style. I`m somewhere between relaxed and formal, and expect to be quoted as such. I would never use PAI in lieu of pay, as phonetically it sounds like pie. If you insist on using dumb-down spelling, at least make it sound like the word it is supposed to be. I suggest PAE.

Regardless if I find what I`m saying is funny or painfully unfunny is irrelevant. I say what I say because I want to. You guys twist the words and meanings anyway so why should I go the extra step to convey humor if I want to be funny? Either way, everyone will find a way to make it funny to them, so I still win in a way. NL's enjoyment , Yoda seeks.

* - I always get screwed up here, as I had conflicting lessons. Owners of possessions get an apostrophe, but not always. I doubt I will ever learn the difference, so don't bother.

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