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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Real world = High School pretty much, but it's still dirty.

Also, I came here after I turned 18, not much was said even then, and I really hadn't improved from 16 when I was 18. That is why I`m putting more emphasis on 21.

And finally:

Originally Posted by Miburo
Originally Posted by catilena1890
On a sidenote, everyone seems to have it in their heads that I am superior to them and shit. Serious question, have I ever said/implied this? I'd like to know so that I can try and explain that I don't think I`m better than anyone, I just like being a little more coherent and try to be even a little formal.
Yes. You implied you were more mature in the post where you were calling people arrogant douchebags. And the continual combative nature of your posts following that makes people think you believe they're wrong and you're right. Why would someone be combative when they think both sides have equal merit to them, after all? And the last thing with Vanity was just her mocking you, which isn't intended to properly portray your grammatical style of posting.

Uh, hmm. It's hard to explain. It's kinda like nitpicking about an analogy using an irrelevant aspect of the analogy. For example, let's say I'm comparing applies to oranges and the relevant point is that they're both fruits. And then someone comes in and says "Durr hurr but apples and oranges are different colors." Yes, that's true but it's also completely irrelevant in regards to them both being fruits.

Kinda the same thing here. Vanity was making a point when she mocked you. I would assume she was saying you're being an attention whore or something, though I'm not positive on that one. What I am sure of though is that she wasn't trying to mimic your grammatical style of posting, so you addressing that was irrelevant to what the meat of what she was saying actually was. It was basically nitpicking, which IS pretty faggy.

And Vanity is also an English major, so she's really good with that grammar shit. Which complicated things even more. I don't really want to get into the whole thing though, since I super don't care about that little battle zone, haha.

But yeah, being combative all the time isn't going to win anyone over. It'd be way easier to let some shit slide and just be nice to people. They're really not that bad once you get past the initial teasing stuff.

I'm sorry.

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