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Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
How do you suppose that debunks the theory??? Shisui being long haired tobi had nothing to do with shisui's action of giving away eyes right before shisui and long haired tobi goes missing forever...

SHisui controlling the mist with his double kotoamatsukami MS is not hard to believe... and even after giving away his eyes supposedly (never saw shisui's MS on danzou's eye now did we so do not know for sure)....having a spare eye to use is all shisui would need...
How did Shisui grow as much hair as long haired Tobi so fast? When Itachi met Tobi before the massacre his hair was long when in that same day Shisui gave him the eye with short hair. Also, Shisui was Itachi's height when he gave him the eye while long haired Tobi was huge compared to him.
Originally Posted by AOTKorby View Post
KYF starts nearly every flame war in these bullshit debates.
Originally Posted by Vishnu View Post
So...first of all: FUCK YOU KYF ! And your Shisui theories.
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