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Re: Naruto_599

Oh happy day...finally all the assholes that said that Obito's other eye was crushed can just STFU.

Now, onto bigger and better things...

As I've been saying for years, I still don't think that this is entirely Obito...but there is so much still unknown about what happened to Rin, Obito's family, Rin's Family, Spikey Aloe Guy (Zetsu), and the "person Kakashi met at the battle at the bridge" (unless that's just a bad translation), It's impossible to say who "Obito" is...

Although the easy answer is Obito is just doesn't make sense at this time.

PS. I don't know how this would fit in either, but it also doesn't make sense that Izuna would be dead.

Unsolved Mysteries.
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  3. Izuna's "Death"?
  4. Obito's other eye
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