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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The panel shows Vishnu landing in the centre of the garden.

Vishnu thinking: So...i have to bow and think of what i love most in this world...
Vishnu bows and closes his eyes. His mind it's crossed by different faces: The Heaven, his own face, Livontes, one of the most pregnant: Aphrodite...but there is still no word from God. Then, suddenly he remembers the meeting that he had with the human beings. Suddenly Vishnu realises that he loves Father's creation. He loves the Earth and he enjoys watching the human beings. And in that moment a powerful light appears and *God's voice is heard.*

The Creator: What is it my son?
Vishnu: Father...Kazer sent me here. I don't know what to do...
The Creator: Kazer? Who is Kazer?
Vishnu shocked: don't know about him?
The Creator: I cannot see his past or future. Just his present. I understand...interesting......
anyway...tell me my son: what can i do for you?
Vishnu: Father, they accused me of something and i am innocent. The real culprit is my master: Lucifer!
The Creator: I know who the culprit is.*
Vishnu shocked: Then why did you let me take the fall for it?
The Creator: Everyone needs a lesson, Vishnu.
Vishnu: I don't understand...
Suddenly Kazer's voice is heard. The panel shows him slowly walking towards Vishnu. He is unscathed.
Kazer: And you will never understand. At least, it will be too late when you will understand. That's just how the old man is doing things.
The Creator: I you are Kazer...
Kazer: Nice to meet you here, old man. I guess that you already know what this is.
The Creator: I do. So, it's the correct choice to banish Lucifer.
Kazer: *Indeed it is.*
The Creator: So your coming means that this is how it's supposed to be.
Vishnu: I don't get it...
Kazer: Silence brat!
Kazer to the Creator: I always wished to say stuff like this to him.*
The Creator: I can imagine. So then...until we meet again, right Kazer?
Kazer: Right old man. Let's go Vishnu...
Kazer takes Vishnu away from the centre of the garden.
Vishnu: I don't understand what just happend.
Kazer: You don't need to understand. Let's just say that now the future of the mankind is safe.*
Vishnu: What happend with my brothers? Michael and the others?
Kazer smiles.
Kazer: You will see. Now, young Vishnu...i must leave. You can handle the situation from this point. I was a mere tool here.*
Vishnu: Wait! Where are you going?
Kazer smiles again: Far away. Anyway...until we meet again, my friend!
Vishnu shouts: Wait..!!!
But it's too late. Kazer already vanished in a burst of black flames.
Vishnu thinking: What was this all about...
He keeps walking to the place where they have encountered the three Archangels. And he spots an image that shocks him. Michael, Raphael and Lucifer, are all three on the ground, barely alive.
Vishnu thinking: What the...!?! Just who is Kazer!?!

The scene it's switched. It shows the Heavens a couple of days later. The Garden is filled with angels. In the middle comes Vishnu, dressed all in white.

Vishnu: I am here to make an acusation!*
Michael: We have accepted this only because our Father said so. In my eyes you are guilty!
Vishnu: That's exactly why i am here. I am not guilty of corrupting the human beings to commit the sin. I have nothing to do with this, and i proved my innocence to our Father!
I accuse my master, Archangel Lucifer of this crime!
Lucifer enraged: How dare you?!?
Suddenky The Creator's voice is heard.
The Creator: Lucifer, my son...i'm disappointed with you. You have comited treason...therefore...i banish you from the grounds of Heavens until the end of times. You will be stripped off your Archangel's powers and you will became a Fallen Angel. You will be exiled on Earth!
Suddenly Lucifer turns around and launches a powerful white energy made, spear towards Vishnu's chest. The boy barely has time to react, because the Archangel Gabriel caught the spear.
Gabriel: Michael...
Instantly Michael delivers a powerful punch into Lucifer's jaw throwing him several meters away. At the same moment a thunder hits the former Archangel and he falls down on his knees.
Lucifer: Damn you...damn you...all of you...
Michael grabs him and without saying one word, opens a portal.
Michael simply throws Lucifer into the portal. The angel vanishes from everyone's sight.
Michael: It is done, Father.
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