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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The scene it's switched.

It shows Lucifer falling on Earth. He starts burning because of the friction. In a matter of moments he crashes on the ground, making a giant blast. As the dust clears up, Lucifer rises from the ground. His clothes are torn apart and he has burns on his body.

Immediatly a powerful light is seen and Lucifer bows.
Lucifer: Father...
The Creator: You have done well my son.*
Lucifer: But why is this necessary? You condamned me to a life of doom. The whole world will resent me.
The Creator: God must have an enemy. You will represent that part, my son. You are the wisest of all my Archangels. You will sacrifice yourself and you will be an unknown hero.*
Lucifer: But why, Father? Why is this needed?
The Creator: The world...will change. The human race will evolve. At some point in the future, a great war will take place. A war that will mobilize armies that are beyond your immagination. And one of your students...will bring peace. The other will bring destruction. Their first fight is closing in. But that will only be the first step. When the war will end, the world will be finally shaped as i envisioned it.
Lucifer: But i don't understand why...why do i have to do it? Why don't you just shape it as you wish right now?
The Creator: When the time is will understand my your final moments, you will have your revelation. And you will rise above all your brothers!
Lucifer: I have one final question. Which one of my students, Livontes or Vishnu...which one will became a Seraphim?
The Creator: not a question that needs my answer. In your know the answer. Farewell my son...until the end of days!

The panel it's switched. It shows Livontes that is freed from his cage. Vishnu awaits for him, smiling.

Livontes: Why are you smiling?
Vishnu: Well, you're free! I have proved my innocence! We can go back to our lives now.
Livontes looks at him with anger: Do you think that we can return to normal? We were the students of the traitor! Everyone will resent us now!
Vishnu: We had nothing to do with him!
Livontes: We had everything to do with him! If it wasn't for your stupid dream to became a Seraphim we wouldn't be in this mess!
Vishnu: What do you mean, brother?
Livontes walks away from Vishnu.
Livontes: I am not your brother, Vishnu. You are a weak fool. You have no ambition. No desire. You only want to live here forever.*
Vishnu: I don't understand what got to you!
Livontes shouts: I'm tired of taking care of you! I don't understand why you are hiding your true power! You could be an Archangel! You could be everything that you ever wanted! Our uncle, the Head Archangel, Kubera could help us both! But instead you decided to keep us stucked at this level! I want more, Vishnu! More! Do you understand? I want power! I want to rule! I want to decide for myself!
Vishnu: Then decide for yourself! I have decided for myself! My only wish is to see our Father!
Livontes: This is exactly what i thought about when Raphael was torturing me! That your only wish is to see our Father that clearly doesn't want to see any of us! Instead of helping your brother, you don't even care!*
Vishnu: And what should i do?!?
Livontes: For starters you should start thinking about others too!

The panel it's switched. It shows Yama talking with Kubera. Kubera is a tall, chubby angel. His brown hair is long, and he has hazel eyes.*

Yama: Head Archangel...
Kubera: Yama Dharma. I have a proposal for you.
Yama: What is it, Head Archangel?
Kubera: I want you to learn how to control the Death. I want you to learn now to kill with a look. I want you to became my personal warrior.
Yama: Control the death...!?! It's that even possible?!?

The scene it's switched. It shows a meeting of the Archangels. There are seen Kubera, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Brahma and Shiva.

Kubera: I have gathered you here today to discuss several topics. Important matters actually.
Shiva: We are listening, Head Archangel.
Kubera: As we all know, we had a traitor within our ranks. Now we must ask ourselves: what determined Lucifer to went rougue? Why did he tried to manipulate Father's creation? Because if we answer that question, we will be able to prevent simmilar events.
Brahma: Well, my guess is that he got envy on the human kind. Our Father gave them a planet to live. And there are only two people!
Kubera: Actually this is another point on my agenda. But first, let's talk about Lucifer's betreyal. So, he got envy. But why did he tried to frame his own student?
Michael: That is the same question that i am asking myself. Why did he tried to frame Vishnu?*
Gabriel: Maybe he thought that he can escape that way?
Raphael: If that's so, it's a foolish logic coming from him.*
Michael: No...i'm pretty sure that there is more to it.*
Kubera: So for now...we are lost. Now, still related to the topic: who was the unknown man that saved Vishnu and beat the three of you?
Michael: He goes by the name of Kazer. It seems that he left the Heavens just after Vishnu's talk with our Father.
Brahma: The questions is where is he coming from and what he really is?
Michael: He told us that he is a human being.
Shiva: That's impossible. There are only two human beings in the Universe. Adam and Eve.*
Michael: I don't know what to think, brother. He seemed to know a lot about our Light Release and he was virtually unbeatable.
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