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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Stupid internet connection, fought with that thing for over an hour.

@T9F I`ll try not to sound so stuck up. I can't say I promise I won't because those were reactions, and that's a personality thing which is hard to change.

@LN I`ve asked this and never got a straight answer, can you help? What's a waifu?

@Mibs Because you are nice, in your own way.

@ACt You have it backwards. I called people douchebags when I came back BECAUSE everyone harassed me way back when. I only really started to accept WHY I was harassed just before the ban. I don't WANT to be a jerk to you guys. I don't WANT to be the whiny little brat who's perfect in every way. All I want is to start over now that I see the kind of person I was when I first joined is NOT who I want to be, and not who I think I am anymore. Though it does leak out, which I am going to work on.

And I never called Mibs a bully or a meanie or anything. Actually, I have a greater respect for him because he did make an effort to try and talk to me in a calm manner, and I`m trying to improve myself as a person because he gave a damn enough to try and be nice to me, and I want to honor that by trying to make up for my shitty behavior with everyone else.

BBS, gotta go take a shower and then make dinner.

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