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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Originally Posted by ivhturp2 View Post
Vishnu, your story plot seems to be awesome. Good going dude..
Didn't vishnu already talk with creator.. still why is he so obsessed to see him when he can talk to the father whenever he wants from the garden?
also isn't there a better chance for Archangel than a normal angel to become 7th sepharim .. so why isn't he interested in the archangel selections?
ya also, why do he want to hide his power? is it because he don't want others to notice his power and train hard ?
Well you are all familiar with my plot development. As kidjutsu predicted already, Vishnu's obssessions are linked with a major plot twist. Actually these obssessions are what will define him as the future Leader of the Celest City and Seventh Seraphim. As you all know from the trilogy he became an Archangel. It's just that at this moment his mentality it's a lot different than what it will became. Also, one of the focus points in the prequel will be his relationship with Aphrodite. The result of this relationship will define him. To be more precise, he will receive in the next chapters several blows, and just at the end he will became what he was meant to be. With this prequel i want to explore various unexplained aspects of the original trilogy. That way, several characters will prove to be something entirely different than you might think. But i can make this promise: even though the ending was already presented, the ending of this prequel will be legendary. I already have it in mind, and it's a sad one, entirely different than the ending of the trilogy.
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