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Originally Posted by Myth View Post
Actually naruto mastered kyuubi and sage mode in a months time u can say i mean how long could it have been since the pain invasion ok mate 2 months in manga time.

Its not really about the learning stuff and it also seems obito was taller than kakashi was during the gaiden arc i re read it last night and kakashi wa also pretty tall during the kyuubi attack so who knows..

Its just that obito was how do u say it......

Fucking crushed by a buncb of fuckkng boulders there is no saving such a thing. But then again this is a childrens manga so really how many 10-12 year olds actually pay attention like us lol... I know its no excuse for kishi but hey it is what it is.
Myth I get what your saying totally but miburo basically said the same thing imma say..This is've seen many injuries that SHOULD have been fatal and wasn't. Things that SHOULD kill normal people but not these shinobi so to me, for you to say obito got crushed by a boulder how can he be alive sounds silly. It's lame to say this is a manga so anything can happen but's the truth. I mean who's to say he should have died? Us? I mean if it was real then helll yea he should be dead, if ur trying to be realistic about a manga (which sound silly in itself) then yea he should have died. But just for o shit and wtf purposes he didn't. Now Kishi has to jump thru hoops to make it make sense but what twist! I feel like the reaction most people had was exactly the reaction Kishi wanted people to have -that "wtf...but how?!" feeling. Lame I kno but like we is what it is. Just enjoy naruto for what it's not the manga we once grew to love but it's still going! Almost over! Me personally I'm older so my expectations have gone up for what I consider quality entertainment especially as far as anime and manga...honestly no anime or manga really has my attention except naruto (I kno sad but true) and its only because I've been watching/reading since I was younger. Basically I'm saying I don't really expect much out of this as far as plot twists and "good writing" it's all cheesy and can be lame at times so let kish do his thing...soon it'll all be over.
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