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Re: Naruto_599

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
I can't believe only now I thought of this.

EVERYBODY (that likes perspectives and angles and whatnot)!

  1. Download Google Sketch
  2. Make a 5 per 5 meters square
  3. Use the Pull/Push button to pull it down several meters
  4. Upon it, create 2 50 per 50 centimeters squares, with a distance of 2 meters from each other. One must somewhat close to the edge (in front) while the other somewhat in the middle (in the back)
  5. Using the Pull/Push button, pull the one in the back 1.6 meters above the first square and the one in front 1.65 meters.
  6. 50 meters from 2 of the sides of the first square, create a L-shaped figure 2.5 meters tall and hundreds of meters long on each end of the L.
  7. Place your perspective akin to the oh-so controversial panels of Shisui.
And behold!

How long til he uses this to "prove" its shisui
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