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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The panel shows Vishnu's face. He is nervous as he looks at his friend. Quintrix is also nervous. Yama looks bored and Kalkin is excited.

Gabriel: Next battle! Kalkiiin!!! And...Viishnuuu!!!*
Both angels lands at the same time in the arena. They look at eachother. Vishnu is nervous and Kalkin is excited.
Gabriel: Are you both ready?
Kalkin: One question before we start.
Gabriel: Go for it.
Kalkin: Can i do anything i want? So if i have a chance at taking his head off or something like that, can i do it?
Gabriel: Nobody will stop you, if you have that chance in the battle.
Kalkin: So if the opportunity arises i'm free to do it, right?
Gabriel: Right.
Vishnu looks even more nervous.
Gabriel: Well then...Begin!!!
Kalkin: Vishnu, if you want to retreat now it's the moment. Otherwise, you heard Gabriel, i can take your head off!
Vishnu smiles: Go for it, Kalkin!
Instantly Kalkin appears exactly in front of Vishnu and delivers a punch so heavy into his chest that he throws the angel several meters away. Vishnu crashes, but he quickly regains his posture.
Vishnu thinking: Dammit! I cannot use my power! Not now! I must defeat him somehow without taking off the cloth on my hand. It must be a way! It has to be a way!
Vishnu: That's all you got, Kalkin?
Kalkin: All i got?*
In a matter of moments Kalkin appears and delivers a series of punches to Vishnu. The angel takes a good beating but he is standing.
Kalkin shouts: You are going to die if you keep it like this fool!
Vishnu thinking: I must resist everything that he throws at me! No matter what!
Vishnu gathers a bit of his energies and he sents a lightning from his palm towards Kalkin. The other angel simply deflects it with his bare hand. Vishnu appears in front of him and attempts a side kick. But Kalkin blocks the hit and punches Vishnu right in the chest.
Instantly Kalkin vanishes from Vishnu's sight and he appears right next to the angel. He fakes a clear shit, but Vishnu doesn't even moves an inch from his position.*
Kalkin: So, you're not afraid of me...
Vishnu: No, i am not.
Kalkin: But you lack the power to defeat me.*
Vishnu: I don't lack the power. I just lack the guts to admit who i really am.
Kalkin: I'm sorry Vishnu...but you really don't stand a chance against me. And i cannot waste anymore time with you. I HAVE to became an Archangel.
Vishnu: Hmm...normally i would let you defeat me...but i have something to prove to myself.
Kalkin: Something to prove to yourself?
Vishnu: Exactly...i'm sorry.
Kalkin shouts angered: You arrogant prick! You think that you can actually beat me! I will kill you!
Vishnu smiles and slowly starts taking off the cloth on his right hand.*
Vishnu thinking: There is no other way. I cannot keep up with his speed and power, if i don't fight with my full force.*

The panel shows Aphrodite looking at the battle that is proceeding to its final stage.

Aphrodite thinking: He is finally releasing his power...Kalkin is too fast and powerful for his sealed mode. So now, the Heaven...will finally witness Vishnu's power. Now, i'm sure that he is the one that will became an Archangel.*
Suddenly Yama's voice is heard.
Yama: I wouldn't think that Aphrodite.*
Aphrodite shocked: can read my mind?!?
Yama: No. But i can see the expression on your face. You are confident that Vishnu will win this fight. You are confident in his powers. It means that you know something important about him.
Aphrodite: Something about him? I'm sorry Yama, but...
Yama stops her: I wanted to ask you: when we had that mission on Earth...i have found five dragon heads. Someone decapitated with a clean slash five dragons. Do you realise the implications? Even an Archangel has problems with one dragon. There is no way that someone could simply kill five dragons. And the interesting fact it's that i've found those heads exactly at the spot where you and Vishnu just were.*
Aphrodite: I don't know anything about any dragons!
Yama: Stop lying. Tell me, Aphrodite...who killed the dragons? It was you? That mysterious man, Kazer? Or your dear Vishnu?
Aphrodite smiles: Well it wasn't me. And i guess that you are about to find out if it was Vishnu or no.
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