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Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
Not really. It shows an angle that depicts both subject matter from a close distance, thus eliminating the distortion one observes from a distance. The distance between the subjects becomes irrelevant when you close the distance of the viewer.

Which is the point.

Actually, what you found was a way to create information that isn't available (the "two feet" measurement is an ass-pull number that has no relevance since the distance is too small to have an impact) simply to enforce your, now proven to be false, conclusion that Tobi is Shisui.

lolwut? Try looking at the image again, without your piss poor attempt at doctoring it. There is no evidence of this sentence, at all.

Again, you ignored evidence that screams to the contrary (like an entire chapter that declares "TOBI IS OBITO") in favor of evidence you doctor/misinterpret in order for your own (false) idea to be seen as truth.

[quote[And why do you ignore the fact that its shisui's Kotoamatsukami that is recognized as the genjutsu the 4th mizukage was placed under...
Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
Because it wasn't recognized as the genjutsu that the 4th was placed under. It was compared to that genjutsu, as noted by Mei saying that Yagura was believed to have been placed under a SIMILAR genjutsu.

Ao said he saw through it, not that he broke it. Major difference.

For the last fucking time, SHISUI DIDN'T HAVE SPECIAL CHAKRA. Chakra has a color unique to each person. Ao recognized the chakra coming from Danzo's eye and arm as Shisui's because of the color, not because of a "special" property.

Moot point since Ao said he fought Shisui before.
Beautifully debunked and rebunked!

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