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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!


We see *Naruto with his helmet on but the visor is flipped up showing his forehead, eyes, nose, and full trimmed goatee.*

As we see the whole scene all the Giant animals the enemy Samurai were riding are laying unconscious behind Naruto.*

Lillandra standing in front of Mikal and the other man, " how did you do that? You took them out in mere seconds!"

Mikal, " Sebastian, who is he?"

Sebastian steps up and places two fingers on his own forehead while looking at Naruto.

*His eyes widen, " he is our end."

Naruto, "Uzu technique: mirror image"

Suddenly every single dead body has a dark blue stream of chakra rise from them. *

Mikal, " you cant know that technique only two people have ever been abke to do it. Bastian!"

Sebastian claps his hands together and, " protection from drakness, level 3!"

A field surrounds the 3 Samurai.

Naruto, " Magi huh? I was hoping to get some *training in with one of you guys. Level 3, is that ur highest protection?"

Lillandra is grabbing her sword.

Naruto, makes hand signs, "Uzu tech jutsu combination: Gates of the Magi/shadow warrior Jutsu"

Shadow clones appear in various armors around the field surrounding the three.

Sebastian, " sorry Mikal, The shadow warriors can open up the field, I cant stop it."

As the shadow warriors open the gates and let the dark chakra in they start to surround the three.

They all start screaming in pain.

As Naruto begins to walk towards them Lillandra charges him with her sword drawn. * *

Without hesitation all the shadow warriors grab Lillandra *and Naruto connects with a sword of blue chakra empaling her.

As she falls there is no blood or physical damage.*

Scene change.

There is hundreds of Legion troops swarming. On several pillars we see Leo with Sasuke, Hinata with the Q twins.

Legion troop, "i guess you realize u can't win. Maybe its the fact that you are not equipped to handle so many opponents face to face in a fair fight?!"

Sasuke, " fair fight huh? *There are five of us and how many?"*

Hinata, "5000.

Sasuke, " of you, now the thing is with * * The Hokage, that officially makes it..."

Voice, " almighty push!"

One thousand troops ascend into the air.

Kakashi comes from underground,*
"Chidori Storm!"

Suddenly there ate flashes of Chidori bolts slicing through all the troops in the air.

Sasuke, "and now, it is completely unfair, Hinata?"

Hinata, " go twins, show them, ninja."

The twins jump down into the fray of the remaining troops as they land the giant hounds *have been released and are fighting beside them.

Twins together clap their hands together, "raging pack jutsu/ warrior hounds!"

Soon the two giant dogs multiple and gain armor as well. The armor covers their backs and heads.

Quantoz, " Ready Grim?"

The dog beside him, " hell yea pop!"

Quantez, " Reaper, we git this covered right?!"

Dog close to her, " Yes ma'am!"

The many huge dog clones are tearing through the troops.

Leo from the pillar, " hey is that all you got?! Your embarrassing the leaf!"

Twins together, " barb wire flame jutsu!"

Just then a huge barb wire net of flames descends upon the field setting hundreds a flame.

Sasuke to leo, " still an embarrassment?"

Leo " now they are *trying to show off."

Hinata, "not just them."

We see Kakashi with both eyes RG, "stop playing games, water style: eater dragon jutsu, earth style: canyon jutsu!

A huge canyon opens up swallowing hundreds *of troops, then fills with water from the water dragon, drowning the troops.
Then it closes up swallowing and crushing them.

Everyone in Legion *is gone, defeated.

Sasuke is looking outward, " i think phase two is starting."

We see 60 luetinets *approaching.

Leo, " you guys feel like these guys were just softening us up for the guys coming?"

Sasuke, " well then in that case, let's soften them up."

Kakashi, " everyone! Do not use any elemental jutsu, trust me. Do your best but conserve your chakra, we have no idea how long this will last. Fight smart, there is nothin in the rules that say we have to live through this. Got it?!"

They all nod, the twins cancel their jutsu and put the pups back into the big back pack.*

Hinata, *" use your training , from this point on we must all fight to survive this, take it seriously."

Scene change.

We *see Team Naruto, they are all looking determined.*

We see them with their Samurai leader facing off with *huge dragon. There is another one laying motionless behind them

Rakia, " didnt know that there was a Father and a Mother too!"

Hiroshi , " we are all near out of chakra we dint have enough to go Sage either."

Eiyuu, "we have enough for that technique!"

Sasha, " no i will take care of it. "

Voice, " no, you won't."

Naruo appears from an Uzu tunnel (like the one that brought team Naruto there)

Rakia, "Ni san Sensei!"

Hiroshi, " sensei?"

Naruto, "hey team, you look tired. Have you been getting much rest?"

Sasha, " excuse me, what do you mean i won't?"

Naruto, " why are you here at Dragon *haven? These dragons are allies if the Uzu. "

Dragon, "these bastards capture my child and put my husband to sleep! They will pay!"

Naruto , " it is wrong what was done, my students were misguided. But I came here to sign a partnership with your people, are you not the Dragon Goddess?"

Sasha, " what? No one has ever partnered with the dragon Gods!"

Naruto, " i am not empty handed."

*He claps his hand and paces them on the ground, " transport seal!"

The dragon they encased in the ice is in good health, standing before them. Suddenly naruto is ove by the sleeping dragon. He places his hand on him saying "release, then he also stands.

Dragon goddess, " i except your good gestures, in all fairness your arudents and their guide came here on fals information. A great beast attacked a village near your people but it was not a dragon. Had they simply asked they would have learned this."

Sasha,kneeling, " i am sorry please know that i had no idea."

Naruto, " something tells me if she didnt, you would all be dead before I got here."

Dragon Goddess, " transformation."

She turns into a beautiful long haired Queen, dressed in gold and red.*

She kisses Naruto on the forehead then suddenly they all arrive back at the Uzu strong hold.

Sasha, " you have just made a partnership with the most powerful ruling Goddess of the Creature and elenetal realms. Who are you Naruto Uzumaki?"

His team runs and hugs him, tackling him to the ground.

Rakia, " he is our Sensei and *the next Hokage of the Leaf City!"

Someone walks up in formal Samurai garb, " Shogun, you and your students are needed, you must go to the land of Light. "

Naruto, " Is it happening?"

Sasha, " I'm going."*

Next: "final exams"
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