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Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
I explained how that entire part happened. The sharingan reads and predicts movements (see Sasuke vs. Naruto @ VotE), it also takes in details automatically that the user wouldn't with normal eyes (see Kakashi's perfection of the Chidori). Danzo, with the sharingan, was able to take in details he wouldn't normally have seen at that pace (Sasuke's right eye blanked out) and predicted Sasuke's movements, so he saw Sasuke move for the Chidori before Sasuke started moving and dodged around it..
He was standing right infront of Sasuke, Close up on Danzos eye. Sasuke thrust his arm to use Chidori only to hit air because Danzo is all the way by Karin.

Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
There's no probably about it. That's exactly what happened. Shisui only had Kotoamatsukami (both of his eyes could use it), he didn't show any other noteworthy ability with his eyes. When Tobi mentioned "doryuku" he was talking about Kotoamatsukami, because that was Shisui's "eye power"..
How do you know Shisui only had Koto amastukami, where do you get this from. I believe when he said doryuku he was referring the the technique Danzo had just used to avoid the attack. The guy was called "Shisui of the Body Flicker" and coincidently when Danzo suddenly has Shisuis eye working again he can be standing still and then in the time of Sasuke thrusting his arm be completely in a different area.

Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
Pardon me, I'll get to that now. Your thesis is that Shisui is somehow related to Tobi, yet you have no solid evidence, only circumstantial (at best) evidence. Your thesis claims that brothers have similar eye powers, that's already been proven false if you want to claim Shisui and Obito are brothers. Obito has the ability to warp anything into another dimension with Kamui. Kotoamatsukami doesn't affect the space/time continuum, only the mind(s) of the target(s). Nothing about those eye powers are related.

If you want to argue about Tobi controlling Yagura, Itachi was controlling a hooker with just his base Sharingan.

Also, you are arguing that Madara and Izuna had related eye powers, since they were siblings. Izuna's Mangekyo abilities are unknown so you are arguing from ignorance on that.
Shisui is related to or is the one pulling the strings was my thesis hence Kabuto saying only "his" eye could use this genjutsu and then finding out it was shisuis eye. Mizukage and AO thinking shisuis eye power at the kage meeting was related to the control of the former mizukage. Yea thats my thesis. If Tobi was the one controlling the Mizukage how in the world can you say they dont have similiar powers. If he used Obitos eye this whole time how in the world is it not possible that they are related. I suspect shisui used space time ninjutsu too hence the body flicker name which would make sense since obitos eye can use space time ninjutsu as well. Itachi and Sasuke have the exact same abilities from the mangekeyo. Probably just coincidence and it has nothing to do with them being brothers.
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