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Re: Naruto_600

Originally Posted by DRAGONBPY View Post
Didn't someone predict that Obito did it because of Rin and Madara will appear. Kudos to whoever got those 2 points. This is mostly flashback.
A few us of got that but it wasn't that big of a prediction....Obito had to have motive....he only asked Kakashi to do one real thing of importance. Meeting up with Madara was also a easy guess. Someone had to train him and show him the true Uchiha way. This chapter wasn't bad...hopefully Kishi will go back to what happened with the Kages...I hate off paneled fights...and I couldn't tell well enough because of the small page but how did Madara get there? I kinda liked Obito's jutsu. Too bad Naruto ain't scared of fire bitch! So another part of my story that came true...Madara and Tobi fight off against the alliance party.

pretty decent chapter indeed
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