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Re: One piece 680

Awesome chapter indeed.

I hope that Sanji goes all out in this chapter as I feel him and Zoro really lacked at showing the results of there training in the Fishman Arc. So I wouldnt mind him going all out here, and lets not forget its been confrimed Sanji has Haki so if Vergo does have a DF or not he should be able to give him some hard hits. But I would like to also say I hope Vergo will eventually give Sanji a beating after he is exhausted or something. Then have Law or someone come in to help, its too early for Sanji to be taking out a Vice Admiral just now.

Would I be the only one who wants the samurai to come and help Sanji ? To show off a little more of his skills before they take him back to Wano Country.

Im curious as to who Zoro going to be matched up with now ? The Dragon perhaps ? As the tradition goes Luffy Vs Strongest, Zoro Vs Second Strongest and then Sanji Vs Third.

Luffy and Smoker ringing the door bell was just awesome.
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