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Re: Naruto_600

EoJ sounds like a Christian apologist trying to justify child rape: no matter how many spins they do to make the thing they're defending look good, they already lost from the get-go.

EoJ, one of the two last villains of the manga wants to take over the world because his childhood crush died. No, you're not smart enough to justify such a lame and pastiche excuse for a villain.

Mind you, it's not the first time I've encountered such kind of villain. Shuyin from FF X-2 is a fine example of another villain with his dead lover as his motivation for turning evil. But the thing is, though Shuyin was also lame, at least it had decent writing driving him. He was from Zanarkand and, when war arose between Zanarkand and Bevelle, he sneaked into the latter in order to hijack Vegnagun, the most powerful weapon in the world. And he did it in order to protect Lenne, his girlfriend that was fighting in the front lines as a summoner. Lenne found out and chased after him to stop him from doing something crazy, but both were caught and killed on the spot. Since in that title the dead souls can walk among the living (in other words, be unsent), Shuyin found himself separated from Lenne and started to feel sorrow and hatred for a 1000 years, to the point of simply snapping and starting to possess people to do his biding, use Vegnagun to just fuck the world up.

It makes sense for Shuyin to act this way, since it was established in the canon that the unsent revel upon the "unfinished business" they had when alive, to the point of obsession and jealousy of the living, turning to hatred. It also makes sense his link to the protagonist (yuna), since he looks like her love interest in the previous title (Tidus) and it was also established in that previous title that Tidus was a fabrication of a Dream Zanarkand created by the last survivors of Zanarkand so, in other words, Shuyin was the original Tidus. Shuyin also fits the fatalism and sacrifice Aesops paved through both titles.

Now look at Obito. If Kishimoto didn't sodomized his timeline yet again, Rin should have died in the Third War and Obito should know better than anyone else that shit happens in wars, being himself a great example. Are you to convince me that it's a-ok to believe that Obito was so bewildered that his crush dying motivated him to almost destroy Konoha less than and continue Madara's plan to enslave the world into a blissful illusion in less than an years and as a teenager? No, that's shitty writing at its best, he had all the time to confront Kakashi about it during the Kyuubi incident since he wanted to destroy the village anyway and he didn't, denoting how Kishimoto didn't think this all the way through. And even disregarding the many other plot holes associated with the theory, it doesn't fit any aesop within Naruto (even the new BS ones) and it only fits the "student betrays teacher" theme going on. Huzzah?!

No, no huzzah, this could have been done so much better even with goddamn Obito and it's just a big pile of bullshit unless Kishimoto has the courtesy of expanding on the issue. And bringing up Madara now simply craps on the hope of that happening in a non-contrived way.
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