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Re: Naruto_600

Its like this, Kishi is one of the greatest manga writers in history and Naruto is the best manga ever, imo. Would he really fuck up his own story by making such blatant and elemental mistakes such as Obito motives and Tobi being Obito?

I personally think there's much MORE to it than what we currently know. The way Obito even said 'whether or not I survived is not important' intrigues me. Its almost like there's a double meaning behind it.

Lol, he created Tobi and surely knew who he was going to make Tobi be from years ago. So ppl need to calm down with all this 'Kishi is shit rhertic'. Last I checked, aint none of us authors of a global and popular manga and Naruto is the benchmark for the new and upcoming manga writers.
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