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Re: Naruto_599

Originally Posted by AniMeFaN View Post
This forum really is full of alot of people who are fucked up in the head. There is something wrong with alot of you. You come here just to what? to argue and shit on everything you can when you cant even disprove it. Im not saying its a done deal and im a 100% right. I said I believe Shisui is related to the person pulling the strings because of a few panels of kabuto, ao, and mizukage bringing up his powers when talking about the one. I may be right and I believe I am because of those panels.
I've proven you wrong with those panels and others. But, if you really want proof, SHISUI'S BODY WAS FOUND IN THE RIVER. Fuck, I don't know why you retards ignore that page. KYF blatantly ignores it, calling the guys that reported the death as mere fodder, so their lines don't matter. Itachi has also stated that Shisui died in his flashbacks during the fight with Nagato. Also, both of Shisui's eyes were destroyed. Danzo crushed his right before he died and Itachi burned the other with Amaterasu.

Shisui's part in this story is done. He was created to give Itachi the means to awaken the Mangekyo, explain how Danzo worked in the shadows, and to break Itachi from Edo Tensei. Have you noticed that nothing has been mentioned of Shisui since Itachi burned the crow?

If you have panels that lead you to believe im wrong thats fine. We can agree to disagree until it is proven either way. I dont understand why every single fucking comment has to turn into this ridiculous arguement every fucking time.
Because you refuse to acknowledge that you are wrong. I've proven you wrong on numerous occasions in numerous threads, you can't accept it. Instead, you have to divert attention from how you are wrong by trying to call for a compromise. That's not how this works.

This is why I stopped posting because its just every time and its tiresome and not even worth it to post anymore.
Yet here you are, still posting and whining. Cry more, noob. I proved you wrong, again. Deal with it.
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