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Re: Just a Thought THREAD

Just me venting but...

1. If so many of us could figure out that Obito or his eye was involved in "Tobi", Kakashi, the master strategist and technique decipherer with the Sharingan eye that can see chakra, should have figured it out long before too.

2. Yes, Orochimaru was cool, but he should have been gone...period.

3. I know this doesn't make sense...but I think Sakura is due to show up and get killed soon. Why??? just for the sake of some bullshit Naruto can understand the pain of loss or some such crap.

***Kishi, I've enjoyed this story for a long time and endured through the unexplained plot twists and missing explanations...but I'm very tired.

Unsolved Mysteries.
  1. Kimmimaru's Disease no jutsu
  2. Itachi's Disease no Jutsu
  3. Izuna's "Death"?
  4. Obito's other eye
  5. Nagato's Disease no jutsu
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