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Re: Just a Thought THREAD

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
There is one serious inconsistency that has to be addressed with Tobio... If The fight against Minato 16 years ago is him, then why isn't he blind by now??? I mean sasuke lost his eye sight in not time and kakashi is obviously losing his eye sight in his SG which is why he made the reference to itachi way back at the beginning of part 2...

Then if you cannot gain an eternal MS to use, then what is the next best thing... Gain a shit load of SG eyes to use when one MS goes blind...

The DB3 said that kamui is a technique that is invoked through the training of ones chakra... not like how basic uchiha's awaken their techniques... And if tobito is using a zetsu like body then the first's cells are in him which should give him a hell of powerful chakra to use IMO...
With Hashirama's chakra the invoking of kamui must be rather easy I guess...

Then again, by changing SG eyes, the user's MS pattern should be different with every SG eye...

Lol, the whole thing makes no sense... Kishi will need to make an ass pull and have hybrid uchiha's that can use the power of another bloodline of the sage create powerful MS that do not go blind... You know, because obito is infused with zetsu shit thus hashirama's cells meaning the use of his power too... Otherwise why obito is still able to even use his MS much less see out of it makes no sense after 16 years of usage...

And how could obito, someone who just a year before was being crushed by boulders, have to wait so long that he would even say "I have waited a long time for this moment" when freeing the kyuubi from kushina... and how would obito know about a jinchurriki's most weak moment during birth which only a select people should know... none of which are madara...

This whole obito as tobi thing is just a headache...

I agree with your last paragraph. Kishi will have a hell of a time trying to connect these inconsitentsies in the story. So many plot holes with Obito being Tobi and who and which guy was pretending to be Madara and when?
The short haired Madara, first seen 16 years ago when he faced against Minato, second appearance over 16 years later against the rookie 11 and so on. Long haired Madara was shown talking with Kisame, manipulating the Mizukage, Meeting with Itachi,Deserting the Leaf, Killing off his clan.

The point where he left the village IMO I believe he went straight for the newly established ( I think) Mist Village. Starting his plans there and starting the legendary tale of the Bloody Mist. Madara didn't care about other clans...and had bitter resentment against his own. Meets Kisame and starts the place where he could fit and call home...Akatsuki.....

At this point I am sure Zetsu should have been created.
Comes back to the Village maybe when War breaks out. As seen in the Manga, heads to Land of the Rock and puts them to shame and pretty much holds their village under his leash. Maybe learns of a plot to sabatoge some Hidden Leaf nins. (Minato's group) watching from a distance finds Obito after his last stand. Heals him with Zetsu and takes him back. Passes along his legacy so that he can be revived. Obito is impatient and wants to test out his abilities asap. My guess is Madara did in fact pass along some of his great knowledge to Obito and chakra. Thus the reason Obito is able to summon the Kyuubi and the Kyuubi recognizing his chakra as Madara's..Obito could also as mentioned be some sort of descendant. Obito wants to test his powers against the newly promoted Hokage...the very position he fell short of achieving. Mastering his MS in a short time he fights against the Yondaime and gets beat...if you notice what he says to Minato after the hokage asks why are you doing this? Obito: "I guess you could say its both a whim and a plan"

Second line Obito: "No wonder you're the Yondaime Hokage. I'm impressed you were able to wound me and wrest the Kyuubi from me.

IMO I believe Obito did want the Kyuubi then, but also just to test out his abilities..He acted like a kid with a new toy.....Also his personality still seems peculiar. He seems to be serious one second then the next..joking a split personality. Even when he was pretending to be Tobi when first seemed like he genuinely was fucked in the brain lol.

Anyway shortly after being beat by Minato and really getting depressed over his many failures...he got serious...and at this time really wants to move along with the Moons Eye plan.....The point of which Rin dies and Obito resurfaces. Kishi really has to explain this

sorry for the rant
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