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Re: Naruto_600

Originally Posted by emachina View Post
Well, at least you're not asking for much. Okay, 1) You said unlike KYF you would not stay quiet. KYF never stays quiet. Like him or not, he sticks to his prediction. Often times meticulously picking apart replies to him and arguing his case. Hence, why you believe he stays quiet flabbergasted me. And 2) you said you would not let others clown you. I assured you, that I would not clown you you were already doing that to yourself by defending the previous two chapters Kishi has released.
1) you guys insult and mock him like bullies at the playground for daring to post his opinion, and Kyf to his credit, takes it like a man. Me, try that shit with me and its gonna be a flaming bonanza. Every time I'm on here, the 'usual suspects' are attacking this guy and he just keeps it dignified. I'm the exact opposite so by all means mate, bring it.

2) Lol like your opinion is the rule I live by. I defend Kishi if I want, you can think what you want, who cares. To you I'm a clown, that's cool. To me you're .....I haven't actually decided what you are yet. A few more 'intelligent' post from you and I'll know.

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