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Re: Naruto_600

Originally Posted by emachina View Post
You are taking thing way to seriously. If KYF felt bullied, he'd leave and never come back. If you wanna flame me, go ahead. I'll treat it as words from someone I don't know and will never meet irl saying mean things. i.e. Not very seriously.

I once theorized Sakura might be Naruto's twin brother because we had never seen her parents and pink hair is what you'd get mixing a red head and a blonde. I was, of course, mocked and ridiculed. And rightly so. I'm still here. KYF is still here. We enjoy this type of atmosphere. Maybe instead of telling us how there will be a flaming bonanza, you should just enjoy your stay.
Obviously I'm enjoying my stay, why else would I be here? I like any type of debate, whether it be serious, fun, light hearted or flaming. You can't even see what you lot do. There's people who in almost every post they write, Kyf is mentioned or ridiculed in some way. Your reason's for doing so are laughable but not as laughable as claiming he is ok with all the insults he receives because he is still on this forum.

I posted my opinion on the chapter, and you reply by saying am I the new Kyf or something equally provocative. I then reply that if you wanna start flaming me, please go ahead because I will eagerly respond.

Now ask yourself why you felt like comparing me to Kyf. All you had to do was either ignore my post, comment on it saying what you agree or disagree with, and move on. Instead, you wanna be all funny calling me Kyf because hes the butt of all jokes on this forum. Well that's up to him how he takes it but me, I don't take kindly to such comments from strangers on an internet site.

As you know, on the internet, even the weakest most insecure pussy in the world can pretend to be all gangster and shit, hence why its futile to attack people and not show others respect. There was no need for you to say what you said so naturally, how else did you except me to respond?

@Num: its usually like 10 against Kyf on this forum yet you somehow have concluded that he is the aggressor in all this. Some people really hate him judging by the viciousness in their post and what was his offence? Coming up with theories that are considered to be bullshit.

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