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Re: Naruto_600

Ok, I know I'm late but it took me some time to come to terms....I got what I wanted rite? RITE!? I wanna say first off Obito is being pimped by madara, and pimpin ain't easy. He found a weak and emotionally unstable uchiha and warped his mind to carry out his plan. PIMPIN 101! Madara was like "see baby it's war...war is the cause of all ur pain...remember rin?" obito: "!?" madara: "yea son...she died. Kakashi couldn't do it. Everything u did...wasted Smh" obito: *crying* madara: "hey hey don't cry...I can bring her back...we can make the world perfect...jus me and u, together! This is what I need u to do...." lmao. Obitos a bitch.. I found it funny, Obitos explaining y he's doing this everyone's like " Ok." then madara come out of nowhere like " LOL Smh...obito that's enough, ur making a fool of yourself." *Looks at kakashi and winks* "I see u met my friend" LMFAO madaras a BOSS. He doesn't give a shit about rin dying or kakashi we all know that. I have a feeling he's gonna turn on obito soon or laugh at his reasoning which will make obito flip. Kishi couldda done better with his reasoning, made him more like nagato, war and death will nvr stop blah blah I must do this cause blah blah. I can't believe he left it like that..."u let rin die" really? That's it? Smfh.....

Edit: makes me wanna make a fanfic series Naruto: pimp chronicles showing how madara met obito and How he introduced him to the game. Have a players ball with orochimaru there... Mr.Long hair don't care,pimp cup in hand...toungue out lmao explaining how he got sasuke and kabuto out on the strip. Naruto there tryin to get his hoe back. Oro like "hey man...sasuke choose me! Dont hate the playa hate the GAME baby" Jman there, a retired pimp. Ahh the manipulation of lil boys in this manga is crazy...

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