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Re: Naruto_600

Num, I'm not saying you called him the aggressor but generally, you and the others make out like its kyf who starts all this flaming shit when in actuality, he just post's his opinion, and is slaughtered for it.

Don't get me wrong, I've found some of his ideas outlandish to say the least and even ridiculous, but give the guy a break man. When I first joined this site, I actually enjoyed the banter betwen you and kyf. But when you got 10 people insulting the same guy, Vishu beginning his last 2 thread post with 'fuck you kyf' etc, you begin to wonder and feel sorry for the guy.

I've read Kyf insults and we are ALL guilty of being rude etc, but can you honestly say he is the chief culprit? Maybe I need to read the archives files or something, lol but the point I'm trying to say is that its obvious the guy is heavily outnumbered on this site, so to a neutral, he is the victim.

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