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Re: Naruto_600

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
First, nobody is calling KYF of aggressor. I'm calling him an idiot and a sore loser because that's what he is. And viciousness? From us? You clearly never read KYF spewing venom (even when he's trying to pretend to be like a nice guy, and I do say pretend, he just can't himself but to poison the well), now that's viciousness to the highest degree.

If it only concerns yourself, why are you so adamant on trying to convince people that Kishimoto's writing involving Tobi=Obito isn't bad? Yeah, not fooling anyone there, EoJ.

Gee, I wonder why. You clearly don't know the guy as much as many members of this forum do. Trust me, he's lucky that the moderators, unlike what you want to imply, are open-minded people and don't just perm-ban him for slander and consistent idiocy like he would be in other forums.

Baseless judgments of character much?


No. You can have an healthy and polite discussion with people with opposite views on something. I've discussed with Miburo about patriotism and Miburo and I discussed many times with Mal about God and Christianity and, guess what, they're adult, clean discussions because both sides present their arguments logically and respect the opponent's intelligence.

KYF just flings shit at the ceiling, expect it to stick and calls everybody who disagrees "biased" or "haterz" or even worse things. THAT'S the beef everyone has with KYF.

As opposed to pretend you're morally superior to everybody else? Oh boy, either irony or hypocrisy are high in this post.

And oh hi Amuro, nice to see you're still a shameless White Knight.
You're completely ignoring how you and other users spew venom at him. He has the right to flame if all of you are flaming. My signature pretty much shows it. AOT says that it's kyf who starts all the wars and then all of a sudden in the next thread Vishnu engages a flame war by swearing at kyf. Irony or hypocrisy is high in that post.

How am I showing that I'm morally superior to others? If I were jumping on the kyf hate train then that would be pretending to be morally superior to others.
Originally Posted by AOTKorby View Post
KYF starts nearly every flame war in these bullshit debates.
Originally Posted by Vishnu View Post
So...first of all: FUCK YOU KYF ! And your Shisui theories.

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