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Re: Naruto_600

Originally Posted by krurk View Post
This is no offense to KYF, this is more directed on the people talking about the forum as a whole.

- There is a reason why KYF posts on this forum and not on a different forum, I am assuming he doesn't have multiple accounts, its because most forums are pretty restricted and KYF would not be welcome to post the way he does.

- If you really don't think KYF isn't fucking with people half the time you are naive, the guy isn't stupid, he likes messing with people and shit. He isn't a two year old and can take care of himself, he understands no one agrees with him and likes to argue.

- If you are going to side with KYF why would you not get the same treatment he does? Does he bitch about? No. If you are going to complain, then why post something in the first place. Think before you speak.

- While KYF can piss people off and be pretty arrogant, I personally respect him for having the balls to say something and not bitch when people attack his idea. One of the best things about this forum is the mods not bugging out over everything, if you are seriously going to act like a child and whine when someone makes fun of your idea or tries to disprove then I will ask again, why would you even post something in the first place?
I take it this was meant for me and TobiIsTheBest. Listen, I'm not complaining about receiving the kyf treatment. Read before you speak. I said I'm more than happy to receive it, since I'll respond with gutso and unlike kyf, I dont ignore insults.

The rest of what you said was irrelevant nonsense. My original post, didn't mention kyf, num or any member. I just stated my views and was immediately called the new kyf.

@num. Excellent post and I like the examples you made. Like I said, banter and a bit of flaming makes a healthy debate in my opinion but certain people need to calm themselves. I get what you mean though and I do agree with some of what you said.

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