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Re: Naruto_600

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
As of late I do kind of agree some people jump the gun when it comes to KYF. However, I'd rather blame frustration rather than viciousness. KYF has been recycling his Tobi=Shisui shit for months (not to talk other wacky theories) and people already debunked repeatedly every argument there is but he just keeps going and going and going. Some people just got fed up and wanted KYF to land head-first into the mud at the first sign his theories crashed and burned.

It wasn't the most correct way to release frustration, but I do not censor them in the least, because I know KYF can be maddening sometimes with his stupidity.

Yes. And you're right to say nobody here's a saint, but it all comes to attitude. Do you think I don't understand how it is to be the only one on my side? I'm an atheist on a 95% Catholic country, I had to provide counter-arguments to people saying that I was an immoral psychopath, that I worshiped Satan, that my life will always be miserable and I was doomed to spend eternity on eternal torture and hellfire. And guess what, I had to learn to defend myself using logic and by keeping up the level of the discussion. You might say "calling people idiots isn't keeping up the level", but sometimes people just say the most idiotic things and I just can't help myself but to call upon their idiocy.

If I was able to do this since I was 7, any grown ass person can. It's not hard to keep your head cool even when many people disagree with you, it's all about self-restraint and not falling for the temptation of lashing on everybody just because you're insecure. Furthermore, if you think your point isn't going across, drop it. Repeating yourself over and over again like KYF does only accentuates lack of presence of mind.

No, he's not a victim just because he's outnumbered. Dictators are also outnumbered by their dissidents and that doesn't make their politics the less atrocious. You have to analyze if the counter-arguments he's getting are or not warranted by his behavior. They are.

I've been called of a weakling, basement-dweller that was bullied in school that is now lashing out by projection. I've been called of suicidal that craves attention to avoid killing myself. I've been called of pedophile that murders his molested victims for pleasure (the first two by KYF, the other by AW). Did you ever see me (or anyone for that matter) calling that putrid venom on anyone? Spewing venom isn't "oh you're an idiot" or "fuck you, KYF". That's insulting. Spewing venom is what KYF does. Learn about who you're talking about before wanting to defend his back.

Boo-hoo, cry me a river. Maybe if you thought for a milisecond more you'd realize that AOTK wasn't talking in absolutes. Normally it is KYF who starts to fling shit when people criticize him.

Not sure if serious or just didn't get it. You're looking down on those hating KYF, thus you're pretending to be morally superior to us. Is that hard to conceive?
Lol. Comparing dictators with a naruto forum user. Nice.

Show me what you mean by spewing venom. If you mean saying weird theories, then that's just your opinion and he isn't "spewing venom" to everyone. If you mean by flaming then you already lost the argument. Also, insulting is better than saying weird theories now?

Give me proof that he's the one who starts if you're so smart (which I guess you are since you're ALWAYS arguing with him). The one time someone provided me proof it was arguable but not complete proof.

I'm not looking down at you. I'm saying that from what I've seen, you're the ones being idiots and hatingn kyf and not the opposite. The fact that you do that shows that you're trying to act superior too him. This is coming from a neutral who joined the site like a month ago.
Originally Posted by AOTKorby View Post
KYF starts nearly every flame war in these bullshit debates.
Originally Posted by Vishnu View Post
So...first of all: FUCK YOU KYF ! And your Shisui theories.
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