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Originally Posted by apacolypz View Post
Originally Posted by ronnie_10 View Post
might've forgotten it. where'd he use it in FMA? i quick youtube search revealed he used it against the fake luffy on Sabody but that is debatable. he's been spamming the other two hakis for a while now but haven't seen him use kenbunshoku much.

and i say it again, its about time zoro and sanji show us some haki. the closest they have come was in this chapter when they sensed Vergo, but thats not enough.. why'd zoro not sense those frozen brothers (or whatever) a few chapters ago?
Ummm dude knocked out like 50,000 soldiers when he used CoHaki...not only that he used elephant fists (shaped haki around his fists and threw them outward) or some shit against Hordy. He also used Haki to defend (predict movements) against a swarm of enemies....yeah maybe u missed it...????

Luffy was all over the place....from the start...
Dude, i was just talking abt Luffy not using kenbunshoku much. Abt dodging those water bullets and stuff i assumed it was his reflexes but i guess it could be haki as well.
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