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Re: Tobi is obito's memories and instincts

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
what kind of answer is that???
A better one than you could ever come up with. It makes the most sense, has the least room for error, and doesn't have this contrived view that is warped to the side of delusion.

It is kakashi's too yet he has no control where anything goes either... And every time we see tobi transfer something, it is to the same white boxes area with kamui... never anywhere else... so he has limited control as to where in that area something is sent I suppose... judging by his past transfers...
Kakashi doesn't have the ability to transport himself to that dimension. All he trained his Kamui for was to use as an offensive technique.

Because he didn't...
How do you know? Was it ever shown? My explanation is far more plausible than "there has to be a 3rd person with the ability to transport to a dimension shared by the ability of TWO EYES".

He was shown warping to sasuke and karin when he was finished warping them...
And you know how much time

and even if somehow he did, Karin should have sensed them in that area making a comment about three more chakra signatures...
She was a little busy with healing Sasuke. Her maximum distance for sensing chakra is 10 miles, but she has to put all of her focus into it. We don't know how big that dimension is.

I know... I just do not see how tobi could have done what he claimed considering what we know he actually did... warp to sasuke, warp them all out to fight danzou, watch the fight, ect ect....
You don't see how it is possible for a guy that managed to completely control a jink in full sync with their bijuu to warp 2 lackeys into another dimension, warp himself into said dimension (a feat he does in every battle), and place them under a genjutsu to subdue them before binding their hands, all in about a minute? The guy uses that dimension to travel vast distances faster than Zetsu traveling through the ground (at the speed of light according to plant boy).

I think someone else had to of done it for him or he lied about when he did it...
Because a 3rd person with the ability to access a dimension unique to a pair of eyes is far more plausible than Obito doing it himself.
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