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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

The panel it's switched. It shows Yama facing Livontes and Vishnu.

Yama suddenly dashes towards Livontes, wielding a red energy sword. Just when he is about to connect, Vishnu appears and blocks his assault. Yama spins and tries to deliver a kick, but this time Livontes saves Vishnu and blocks Yama's side kick. Yama backs off and starts releasing his energies.
Livontes: He is a dangerous fellow.
Vishnu: We should...
Livontes: Yeah...i agree...
Yama: You agree what?
The panel shows Vishnu and Livontes getting back to back and smiling both.
Vishnu: We will defeat you together!
Livontes: And then we will see which one is more powerful between us!
Vishnu:'d better...
Livontes: Be ready...
Vishnu and Livontes both with a menacing smile: Because we are coming after you!
Instantly Vishnu leaps and lands exactly in front of Yama. He quickly engages the angel In sword fighting. Yama manages to parry the attacks. Vishnu suddenly crouches, as a purple beam passes above his head towards Yama. The angel dodges it Matrix style, but Vishnu uses the momentum to try to slash him. Yama gets up and manages to block Vishnu's sword. At the same moment, the angel releases his sword, and grabs Yama's right hand instead.
Vishnu: Got you!
From behind Livontes appears and impales Yama in the shoulder with his sword. At the same moment Vishnu creates another energy sword and impales Yama in the stomach.
Livontes: You have lost...
Yama as he coughs blood: I wouldn't be so sure!!!
Suddenly Yama releases from his body stream of red energy. The energy closes his wounds and wraps around his body.
Yama: Come on!!!
He appears exactly behind Vishnu and delivers such a powerful blow to his head, that the angel gets throwed several meters away, and he crashes into the arena's wall. The next moment, Livontes engages Yama, but the latter catches Livontes's punch, and simply breaks his arm without any effort at all. And, the next moment he gives the angel a powerful kick right in the chest. Livontes gets pushed back. Vishnu rises from the dust and claps his hands together, creating a stream of lightning bolts between his palms.*
Vishnu shouts: Lightning creation!*
He shots the lightnings at Yama, but a strange thing happens. Just when the lightnings were about to hit the angel, they got nullified.*
Yama's eyes are red and he smiles.
Yama: You cannot hit me, Vishnu. I'm sorry.
Slowly Livontes gets up and looks at Vishnu.
Livontes: Vishnu...stand aside. I will try something new...
Vishnu: Something new?!?
Livontes as he gathers his energies: Something that you have never seen before...
Around his fists purple energy is concentrated. He claps his palms and now, the purple energy got transffered to his right arm, and slowly gets shaped as a blade. Livontes swings the blade in Yama's direction.
Livontes shouting: Phantom's menace!!! Corrupted attack!!!
He releases from the tip of the blade a powerful, dark, *wave-like beam towards Yama. The angel watches shocked as the wave is coming closer and closer. He focuses his eyes on the middle of the wave, and slowly it starts vanishing.
Livontes shocked: What the...!?!
Suddenly the middle of the wave completly vanishes, thus rendering the attack useless.
Yama is shown sweating heavily. He barely had time to disrupt the attack.
Livontes falls to his knees exhausted. But in an instant Yama appears in front of him and impales him right in the chest with a red energy blade. Livontes coughs blood and falls down.
Yama: It's not a fatal one...but it's enough to take you out from the fight.
Vishnu is shown with an angry face.
Yama: Now that Livontes's out...what can you do, Vishnu? You are powerful indeed...i give you that. But as you can see, no harm can come to me.*
Vishnu thinking: It seems that there is no other choice...


Vishnu is shown training with Kazer.
Vishnu: What do you mean that i have to awaken the power in my eyes?
Kazer: I meant that you eyes contain something extremly powerful. In time, that power will grow...but for now, you must awaken it.
Vishnu: What power?!?
Kazer: I always suspected that your Raigan has something to do with the Earth. You see...your love for the human kind it's what it feeds him.
Vishnu: My what?!?
Kazer: Raigan. It's an ocular power. With it, you are able to access all of the nature's elements and powers. You are able to do extraordinary things. But you must prepare yourself to use it.
Vishnu: And how do i do that?!?
Kazer smiles menacing: You will have to die first..
Vishnu: Die?!?
Kazer instantly appears in front of Vishnu. The panel shows Kazer's face from Vishnu's POV. His black eyes slowly change. They became red with a spiralling pattern inside them.
Kazer: Tsukuyomi...
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