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Re: Tobi is obito's memories and instincts

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
Valid point...

However, how could tobi control where he or other things go in that dimension... Everything thus far has gone to the white box place which is not that big... SO if sasuke and karin are in there and so are fuu and torune... they are likely to hear each other, if not see each other in the area... Yet fuu and torune were nowhere to be found at all...
The same way he can control where he comes out from.
And what do you mean the dimention is not that big, how can you judge the size of a wall-less dimention from one panel, or do you think the size of a panel is the actual size of a location?

and what is worse is how could tobi put fuu and torune in an illusion as well as tie up their hands right after he captured them... seeing as how he was too busy dealing with sasuke, danzou, ect ect... It is not possible... someone else had to of done it... Probably the one with the genjutsu ability that controlled the mizukage.....
He warped them in, pt them in illusion tied them up(doesn't take too long), goes to where sasuke is in the dimension and brings him and karin out.simple.

@minato uchiha:
I claim tobi did not suck fuu and torune into his kamui dimension where sasuke and karin already wer because they were not there... the dimension is not that big and tobi has only shown the ability to transfer people and things to the small white box area, nowhere else... So if fuu and torune were there then how come sasuke or karin did not see or hear them in that small area...

Or are you saying everybody just sat silently not moving around because you need a scenario where nobody can notice each other's presence... Oh wait, karin is a sensor... she would have sensed fuu and torune in such a small area... that takes care of that then...
How many times has he taken anybody to the white box place? I only know of one occasion Sasuke and karen. Yet you make it sound like we see that dimention every time warps things..... actually how many things has tobi warped in, save sasuke n karen and danzous guards and danzou, and how many times was the white box dimension shown in this situations.

And I claimed that tobito did not put fuu and torune under a genjutsu and tie them up right after he captured them because he did not!!! You know what tobi did right after he captured those two... he went into the very same dimension to fetch sasuke to fight danzou... meaning tobito could not of done it... do not ask me why I claim things when you yourself did not even try to counter this point with anything other then a baseless claim of "he did so that is that"...
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