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Re: VS Thread [With Manga Spoilers!]

Originally Posted by Vishnu View Post
Even Edo Tensei cannot regenerate from intensive planetary destruction-like attacks. As for Ss3 Goku vs Rainbow Naruto do you even have to ask?
Edo Tensei is basically the same regenerative form that Cell and Buu possess. Even after being destroyed over and over again after destroying the planets Buu continued to live. Being that ET is a jutsu that is supposed to be taken out with the caster..leaves me to believe that Edo Madara could survive....he did survive freaking meteors being thrown upon himself. Alot of you guys are shitting on Naruto because of his sensitivity..the same and similar case in Goku. Goku can only hold SS3 for such a short time. Naruto's speed is if not up to par or exceeds Goku's. Strength they are even. Though Naruto has more techs and in my own mind he could def put up a serious battle and come out on top..Don't forget that both guys wouldn't do anything to destroy a world...if they were on fair ground and could cut loose obviously in the DBZ attacks could easily wipe out a world because the level of attacks are so ove rated...l kinda love that Kishi didn't go well I can do what Akira and Kubo is doing and just show whole pages with stars and shit getting ripped Kishi dialed down the jutsu levels. Naruto's bijuudama and Goku's Kamahaha wave/Spirit bomb to me would be on equal terms of power...i don't see an easy victory for Goku...

Naruto in full Bijuu mode...Goku wouldn't have an answer for that...sorry Vishnu
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