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Re: One piece 680

Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
Luffy used all 3 Haki in Fishman, Conquerers, Observation, and also Armament, the only one he used once was Conquerers.

Yeah, beyond him cheering for the other SH's with they're new WMD's, he wrecked Hordy, take away the water and drugs, and the arc wouldn't have lasted 1/3rd the time.
Agreed bro, the only thing keeping the SH's from completely dominating FMI was freaking WATER! LOL actually funny and sad.....Sorry but the Princes were utter shit....Shirahoshi was weak as hell, Neptune and his cracked back....shame...and he is called the Knight of the Sea??? Only one to really hold their own against corruption,turmoil and riots and what not....The Queen...bitch has haki and a mean right hand lol. She was the weakest amongst them all and had more fight in her.....
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